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Tom and Jerry Birthday Theme


Have a fun-filled birthday with the never ending chase of Tom and Jerry! Let your young visitors enjoy your kidís birthday party with Tom and Jerry birthday party theme. With lots of adventures and exciting activities, your kid would surely enjoy and at the same time would reminisce his or her favorite episode of the show. This theme is perfect for boys and girls ages 3 to 5 and who are fond of watching Tom and Jerryís fun-filled episodes on TV.

Bierthday Invitations

You can print Tom and Jerry7s faces on a cardboard. Cut the cardboard following the shape of the faces. Put party details at the back of the Tom and Jerry-shaped card. Another alternative is to take a picture of your child wearing a Tom or Jerry costume and cut it. Paste the picture in a card and put stickers of Tom and Jerry to decorate the card.

Tom and Jerry Decorations

Set up brown, yellow and pale blue colored balloons on the venue. Hang balloons on the ceiling and tie some at the back of the chairs. Birthday banner should be displayed outside the venue together with Tom and Jerry stand-out decorations. You can also cut out several large pictures of Tom and Jerry in action and mount it on the walls. Set-up Tom and Jerry toys in the table as centrepiece. For the entrance of the venue, cut our paw prints and paste it on the walkway towards the party area.

Tom and Jerry Birthday Cake

You can either have one or two cakes with Tom and Jerry as the models. Carve the shaped of Tom and Jerry on a round cake. Cut the cake to make a realistic head figure of Tom or Jerry. Using Tom and Jerryís picture as a guide, color the cake with the appropriate frostings. Add details using different frosting colors as necessary. If you opt for a simple one, prepare a well decorated round cake and put Tom and Jerry cake toppers on top of the cake.

Games and Activities

Finding Jerryís Cheese. Jerry, being a cute mouse also loves to eat cutie yummy cheesy stuff. In this game, you need to prepare cheese flavoured snacks and hide it around the venue. Let everyone search for the missing cheese of Jerry. Make sure to help the younger guests have their own find. Give them 3 minutes to locate as much cheese snacks as they can.

Tom and Jerry Chasing Game. Ask the participants to form a circle and hold each otherís hands. The birthday celebrator will be Tom and there will be another representative to be the Jerry. Tom will stay outside the circle and Jerry inside the circle. Tom will try to enter the circle to catch Jerry. But the kids forming the circle will have to protect Jerry buy not letting Tom enter the circle. If Tom will be able to enter the circle and capture Jerry, the group will start a new game with two new players as Tom and Jerry.

Pin the Tail on Tom. Mount a cut large cut out of Tomís picture without his tail on the wall. Hand-out Tomís tail to all players and out their names on it using a marker. Each children who wants to take his or her turn pinning Tomís tail will be blindfolded and spined three times. Other kids can coach.

Color Tom and Jerryís World. To harness kidsí creativity, bring out Tom and Jerry coloring pages and provide crayons, colored pencils and other coloring materials. Make sure you have coloring materials in every table. Ask participants to color Tom and Jerry as best as they could. The guest with the most beautiful and well-done work wins a prize.

Food and Drinks

Prepare food that Tom and Jerry with your little guests will love, preferably those with cheese. Surprise your little guests with your cheesecake and cheese sandwiches in different shapes. Also serve baked macaroni and cheese, and prepare vegetable sticks with different dips. You can also include pizza, cheesedogs, nachos and popcorn with cheese drizzles. For an added delight, serve ice cream in cone for the dessert and Jerry Milkshakes for the drink.

Party Favors

You can give out the coloring pages as party favors. Alternatively, you can hand out Tom and Jerry T-shirts for your young guests.

Tom and Jerry Party Supplies

Plenty of balloons are necessary to make the venue festive. Make sure to also prepare large cut-outs of Tom and Jerry for the walls and for the stand-up décor.


Provide plenty of coloring materials in each table. You can let kids bring those materials at home.

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