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Star Trek Birthday


If your kid has always been amazed with out-of-this world concepts, let him or her have a star trek-themed birthday party. Treat your kid an out-of-this-world celebration with star trek theme. Invite friend and classmates and have them wear their favorite space suits or alien costumes. This theme appeals more to boys than girls but girls may also want to be part of it. This theme works best with children aged 5 to 8 years old.

Star Trek Birthday Invitations

Creative possibilities are endless when it comes to star trek-themed invitations. You can paint a UFO in a white card and cut it out. Put details on the UFO using metallic pen. You may also want another idea such as taking a picture of your kids wearing his favorite star trek costume. Print and mount the picture on a card and write the details at the back of the card.


Make the venue dim by covering the windows with black cloth. Mount glowing sticker on the ceiling. Put up a blinking white Christmas lights in the ceiling to resemble stars. You can set up your venue to look like one of the star trek space ship. You can paint cardboards with black and grey to look like a control panel of the space ship. Use some red lights in the control panel area. Create a screen that overlooks the outside of the space ship. Put a lot of glow in the dark stars, planets and galaxy stickers. Tie silver balloons at the back of the chairs and in the ceiling. Inform guests to wear their favorite Star Trek costume.

Star Trek Birthday Cake

You can carve out the Star Trek emblem our of a rectangle shaped cake. Cover the emblem cake with appropriate colors or icing. Refer to pictures of the emblem in the internet as reference. Another idea is to make a three leyer cake and cover it with black icing. Draw planets, stars and galaxies using different icing colors. Top the cake with a Star Trek spaceship cake topper.

Games and Activities

Star Burst. Let each kid find their pair. Prepare plenty of balloons on the center of the venue. The goal of the game is to pop the balloons without using the hands and feet. The pair will have to use their body to pop the balloons. They can try any other techniques as long as they should not use their feet or hands in popping balloons. They are given 3 minutes to pop as many balloons as they can. When the time is up, the pair with the most balloons popped wins the game.

UFO Piñata. Prepare a piñata in the shape of a UFO. Fill the piñata with lots of chocolates and candies wrapped in gold and silver foil. Blindfold a player and let each kid wait for their turn to break the piñata using a small baseball bat.

Power Jewel Search. Before the party, prepare as much goodies as you can wrapped in gold and silver foil. Hide the goodies in many areas around the venue. Tell the guests that they can gather as much power jewel as they can in three minutes. Hand out small flash lights to aid them in their search.

Movie Series. You can prepare a DVD set and decorate it to look like a star trek space ship screen. Play a star trek movie for the participants to wind up, relax and enjoy eating while watching the movie.

Food and Drinks

Prepare out-of-this-world feast by serving cupcakes with different toppings and frostings. You can let the kids make their own designs. Prepare chicken lollipops, vegetables and chips and potato fries with dips for added fun. You can name ordinary food with special Star Trek labels. Serve UFO ice cream on cones for dessert. You can also amaze the kids with sandwiches cut in different shapes. Add fruits with dips for a healthy treat.

For the drinks, serve different flavoured and colored fruit sodas. You can also serve wine for the adults.

Star Trek Party Favors

You can give out laser beam toys, small flashlights and glowing sticker packed in a gold or silver foil. You may also give out bigger favors such as Star Trek spaceship toy.

Party Supplies

You will need plenty of balloons for the decors and games. Make sure you have plenty of black cloth to darken the venue. Wrap as many goodies as you can for the hunting game.


To make the venue look more authentic, prepare as much cardboard as you can and paint it black. Add details by using grey or silver paint. It should look like an interior of a spaceship.

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